What challenges have you solved with Ushur?

I’m interested in learning about the challenges that other community members have encountered in their business and how they’re using Ushur to solve those challenges.

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@courtney.hays - would be curious to hear from our client community members, but some frequent challenges that seem to be low hanging fruit and that routinely come up in conversation with prospects and that are quick wins for Ushur are -

  1. digital insurance id card delivery - allowing policyholders to retrieve their CoI without interacting with a human or requiring them to log-in to a portal or mobile app

  2. policy inquiries - allowing policyholders to use our conversational AI to understand why their premiums increased or why their policy was canceled, i.e. car outside 10-year safety reliability window or underpayment of premium

  3. payment reminders / payment capture - proactively reaching out to policyholders to remind them of upcoming or past due payments and enabling them to pay right then and their directly through our ‘invisible app’ without requiring them to log-in to a web portal or a mobile application

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